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In 1968 Washington D.C.'s El Corols Band and Show released their first single on Tiny Records. The songs "Chick Chick", written by Tiny Barge, Eddie Hicks Jr., and vocalist Little Whimpy Johnson and "You Gotta Be An Angel", written by Tiny Barge and Fangette Willett, were the first production efforts of an 18 year old Tiny Barge. The single brought the group and the young writer some real attention and eventually the songs were released on Rouser Records.

Although a great performance and a rockin' good Soul song the single wasn't aggressively marketed and it eventually faded from sight. That is until the Northern Soul movement sprang up in Northern England. To this new audience a rediscovered "Chick Chick" took on the pseudonym "Ain't No Bragg" and became a UK fan favorite. Websites of British DJs boast of having "Chick Chick (Ain't No Bragg)" on their exclusive play lists.
To collectors the hard to find 45rpm disc brings a very handsome price in the trading market.

In answer to numerous inquiries Tidewater Records has secured the original master tapes and skillfully brought the El Corols' songs to the digital domain.
Chick Chick (Ain't No Bragg) Written by Tiny Barge, E. Hicks Jr.
and Little Whimpy Johnson
Produced and Arranged by Tiny Barge
Released in 1968 on Tiny Records
and Rouser Records
"Chick Chick (Ain't No Bragg)"
and "You Gotta Be An Angel"
live again to thrill us after nearly forty years. Available only on this exclusive
Tidewater CD Single.
You Gotta Be An Angel
Written by Tiny Barge and Fangette Willett
Produced and Arranged by Tiny Barge
Released in 1968 on Tiny Records
and Rouser Records
In Jewell Box with graphics and credits
Not available for MP3 download
Purchase your copy of
the El Corols' classic CD Single

USA $5.00
UK £2.75

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